Max2Play wrote: 
> Yes, sorry about that.
> Also some general info on our/all Pi images:
> - You need to burn the new Stretch Image to get the Stretch-specific
> changes mentioned in the post on our Stretch Image, the new update does
> not patch these in on the Jessie version.

I downloaded 2.45 (stretch), burned and installed it on a Pi3.

Updated it to 2.46.


Installed LMS, and scanned my music library, installed Bluetooth, and
can play *from* LMS *to* a Bluetooth speaker, no problem :)

Your changelog would lead one to believe that the other option: stream
from a phone to any Sqeezebox player connected to M2P/LMS is now
working. Is my supposition correct?


However, on the web interface it appears that this feature isn't yet


Could you please clarify the situation?


|Filename: stretch02.jpg                                            |

*Study/Server - LMS 7.9.1 -* Pi3B+/pCP 3.5.0/pi screen/HiFiBerry
DAC+/jivelite, 25K library on WDMyCloud, cache and playlists on a USB
stick (formatted ntfs).
*Lounge* - Pi2/pCP 3.5.0 > HiFiBerry DIGI+ > AudioEngine DAC1 > AVI DM5
*Dining Room* - Pi3B/pCP 3.5.0 > HiFiBerry AMP+/retro radio
*Garage* - Pi3B/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/pCP 3.5.0 > Edifier R980T
*In car* - RPi3B/pCP in AP mode > HiFiBerry DAC+ > car's audio (files on
a 2TB USB drive)
*Spares* - 1xTouch, 1xSB3, 1xRadio, 1xBoom
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