oyvindo wrote: 
> I think "Toast Notifications" is a good idea.
> Having to choose with or without sound in Windows setting is no
> obstacle, but the "Toast Notifications" must also be possible to disable
> in the SLX settings page.

Working on it...  First thing, I have the Mini-browser resize and
synchronization to the main browser issues solved, which I wanted to do

For test I have implemented regular Windows 10 Toast notifications. 
Tried that for awhile, then I implemented an approach where the
mini-browser pops up as a toast notification look-alike and tried that
for awhile.  Both are not ultimately what I want, but OK.  Harder to do
will be to do Windows 10 notifications with custom payload that let you
do stuff like the mini-browser would, in other words a true Win10- Toast
Notification that looks like the mini-browser, so I am doing some
research on that.  This approach is complex when you aren't using C#.Net
interfaces, so we'll see if I can do it.  If I do there will certainly
be an options for turning on/off.

R Greg Dawson.

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