Version 1.3.9 is coming with a small change to prevent a possible error
on shutdown if you select exit and then quickly double-click tray icon
while shutting down before icon disappears.

Also, I have been playing with the idea of showing "Toast Notifications"
when a new song plays.  A Toast Notification is the little notification
window that pops up briefly in the notification area.  The Toast
Notification would just say what the new song playing is and then
disappear.  The thing that is holding me back is that by default, such
notifications make a "ding" sound, which we all would hate.  It is
simple to turn off the ding, but you have to do it in Windows Settings
where application notifications are configured.  I do not have the
capability to configure to turn off the ding from the program itself.  I
don't much like the idea adding a feature where you have to go into
Windows Settings to turn off the "Ding" sound.  Though once you do,
Windows does remember it even through uninstall/install/update, so it is
a one-time deal.  Thoughts anyone?

R Greg Dawson

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