rgdawson wrote: 
> The mini-browser, when opened, follows the player panel configuration,
> whether compact or not.  So you can make the mini-browser look like
> this:
> 24923
> Unfortunately, when you change the compact mode from within the
> mini-browser, it does not resize like it should.  But now I think I can
> make that work better in the next version.
> I have also been working on an issue where the mini-browser can
> interfere with where the main window opens up on multi-monitor systems,
> i.e. if you have the mini-browser on a different monitor from the main
> browser, then next time you open the main browser it may show up on the
> same monitor as the mini-browser is currently on, not the monitor it was
> last on.  I have that fixed in development.
> R Greg Dawson

I'm currently on 1.3.8, so the latest public version, but don't seem to
find any reference to this mini browser compact mode? How do I get this?

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