philippe_44 wrote: 
> Do you have the same problem if you listen it using MP3 through a direct
> link, not through Michael's plugin?

No playing through a direct link play for ever - virtually.

In the RP app from Michael I have 3 choices. 1 Play FLAC - 2. Play 320
kbps - 3. play 128 kbps, + PSD+ HD images

When I select FLAC it seems to buffer 3 tracks up on the "now playing"
screen in iPeng. Lest say they last 17 minutes. When the 3 tracks are
finished the app stops. And I have to press play again for 3 new tracks.
Is this by design or ?

Selecting 320 or 128 plays for hours....

When i use my iPhone as player in iPeng, Select RP app and press play
FLAC all works fine???

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