Owen Smith wrote: 
> I again had the problem on LMS 7.8.0 on WHS V1 that I couldn't update
> the plugin by halt and restart of LMS. 
This sounds like a sourceforge issue - I can't do anything about it.

> I checked cache.db before the upgrade (and then deleted it). It was
> still about 700MB, the size it's been for many months.
700Mb is large to start with - when I restart LMS after deleting
cache.db it is only 172k.  When I play BBC it grows to at least 700Mb. 
I suspect metadata (program images, content text) if that is the case
you need to play lots of different program and with each one cache grows
a bit. Playing a single live stream won't grow the cache.  I said it
needs investigation but 1.4.9 is really 1.4.7 and so since people had no
isses for the last 9 months - it should be ok.

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