rkrug wrote: 
> Using BBCiplayer playing BBC 2 via DASH (I assume - only DASH selected
> in Live Stream and On Demand settings):
> 4.3M  cache.db
> What do you mean different programs?
> Now switched to BBC 3, after nearly four minutes still 4.3M

I meant different Listen Again programs (e.g. each episode in book at

It is allright, I have tracked down the growing cache to selecting
programs using BBCiPlayeExtra.  Cache grows with BBCiPlayeExtra because
it has to fetch many web pages to get the playable URL and these are
cached by LMS by default.

Now with 1.4.9 (and 1.4.7) cache does not grow when playing DASH or HLS
streams nor does metadata/images seem to cause cache to grow.

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