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> rkrug wrote: 
>> I am playing BBC iPlayerExtra at the moment (Dash enabled) and don't
>> see
>> any change in the size of cache.db. Before I played BBCiplayer for a
>> few
>> minutes and also saw no change.
> Can you check cache size after playing a couple of mins from lots of
> programs ?

Using BBCiplayer playing BBC 2 via DASH (I assume - only DASH selected
in Live Stream and On Demand settings):

4.3M  cache.db

What do you mean different programs?

Now switched to BBC 3, after nearly four minutes still 4.3M

> Are you using a player which displays images such as Web UI,
> Touch or Radio and is it being updated.

Playing via squeezelite on OSX:

| 11:21:05 ~$ squeezelite-osx -?
| Squeezelite v1.8, Copyright 2012-2015 Adrian Smith. See -t for license terms
| Usage: squeezelite-osx [options]
|   -s <server>[:<port>]        Connect to specified server, otherwise uses 
autodiscovery to find server
|   -o <output device>          Specify output device, default "default", - = 
output to stdout
|   -l                          List output devices
|   -a <l>:<r>                  Specify Portaudio params to open output device, 
l = target latency in ms, r = allow OSX to resample (0|1)
|   -a <f>                      Specify sample format (16|24|32) of output file 
when using -o - to output samples to stdout (interleaved little endian only)
|   -b <stream>:<output>        Specify internal Stream and Output buffer sizes 
in Kbytes
|   -c <codec1>,<codec2>        Restrict codecs to those specified, otherwise 
load all available codecs; known codecs: flac,pcm,mp3,ogg,aac,wma,alac (mad,mpg 
for specific mp3 codec)
|   -C <timeout>                Close output device when idle after timeout 
seconds, default is to keep it open while player is 'on'
|   -d <log>=<level>            Set logging level, logs: 
all|slimproto|stream|decode|output, level: info|debug|sdebug
|   -e <codec1>,<codec2>        Explicitly exclude native support of one or 
more codecs; known codecs: flac,pcm,mp3,ogg,aac,wma,alac (mad,mpg for specific 
mp3 codec)
|   -f <logfile>                Write debug to logfile
|   -m <mac addr>               Set mac address, format: ab:cd:ef:12:34:56
|   -M <modelname>              Set the squeezelite player model name sent to 
the server (default: SqueezeLite)
|   -n <name>                   Set the player name
|   -N <filename>               Store player name in filename to allow server 
defined name changes to be shared between servers (not supported with -n)
|   -r <rates>[:<delay>]        Sample rates supported, allows output to be off 
when squeezelite is started; rates = 
<maxrate>|<minrate>-<maxrate>|<rate1>,<rate2>,<rate3>; delay = optional delay 
switching rates in ms
|   -t                          License terms
|   -?                          Display this help text

On the web-interface of LMS it says 96kbps, aac.

Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - 1473501469 @ Sat Sep 10 10:15:59
UTC 2016

Outside UK



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