drmatt wrote: 
> FWIW my cache.db grew to over 1GB with a running stream all day
> yesterday, but it's small again this morning. cache.db-wal is now 1GB+,
> and cache.db is small again. What happened overnight? rescan...
> I assume the -wal file is a temporary backup copy while the rescan
> writes new database entries? So for me at least it looks as if the daily
> rescan prevents my cache.db from growing out of hand.

IIRC cache.db is a Sqlite data so wal sound like a "writelock". It also
sounds like a complete rescan delete the caches.

I think I have tracked down the growing cache and it may not be metadata
- if BBCIPlayer Extra is used to play different programs cache grow
slowly because Extra has to use http to fetch lots of web pages from BBC
to get program info to play.

I think BBCiPLayer only makes cache grow by about 400Mb when it download
the XML feed data using http. This growth should only occur once.

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