bpa wrote: 
> I've posted a 1.4.9 release due to cache problem with 1.4.8. Essentially
> 1.4.9 is 1.4.7 with just one fix to solve the recent no audio issue.
> 1.4.8 caused cache.db to grow to unreasonable size.   I've also noticed
> on a few occasions the startup delay described by other posters. This
> needs to be identified & fixed.
> 1.4.7 still seems to grow the cache.db file but at a much smaller rate -
> this needs to be checked.  Once cache.db has grown it does not seem to
> shrink even after expiry of entries or purging - this needs to be
> confirmed.
After 30 minutes playing Radio 2 Dash 320 kbps cache.db increased from
308KB to 438kB. Much better. 

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