rkrug wrote: 
> But maybe remove the setting to enable / disable DASH as certain
> settings are incompatible with the settings in BBCiPlayer?

This setting is historical - as there used to be two other non DASH
formats Flash and HLS, it was added because users needed the disabling
of DASH from Extra and wording was preferred to one which said somehting
like "Do you want to play Flash and/or HLS format only" besides nobody
else has had the problem. Part of your problem is most user allow
playing both formats when playing ie. "HLS>DASH" or "DASH>HLS" - in
which case this Extra setting has no relevance.  Allowing both format is
best because BBC sometime corrupts/omit one format.

I may change the wording (you can change it yourself it is in
strings.txt)  but not an update just for this one change as it more work
and I don't have enough time to update plugin, test , update repository,
test pref update cycle works ok etc.

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