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> rkrug wrote: 
>> But maybe remove the setting to enable / disable DASH as certain
>> settings are incompatible with the settings in BBCiPlayer?
> This setting is historical - as there used to be two other non DASH
> formats Flash and HLS, it was added because users needed the disabling
> of DASH from Extra and wording was preferred to one which said somehting
> like "Do you want to play Flash and/or HLS format only" besides nobody
> else has had the problem.

Ok - that explains why it is there.

> Part of your problem is most user allow
> playing both formats when playing ie. "HLS>DASH" or "DASH>HLS" - in
> which case this Extra setting has no relevance.  Allowing both format is
> best because BBC sometime corrupts/omit one format.

Yes - I was testing the cache issue which is why I set it to DASH
only. I will set it back than.

> I may change the wording (you can change it yourself it is in
> strings.txt)  but not an update just for this one change as it more work
> and I don't have enough time to update plugin, test , update repository,
> test pref update cycle works ok etc.

Sure - no extra update needed for this.

Thanks for all your work on this,


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