Simon_rb wrote: 
> I'll test it mate. Currently (pre 0.36.0) when "Air Playing" everything
> is fine when all players are native Squeeze players however if I turn on
> an airplay device within the squeeze network (AirBridge) then the whole
> lot will buffer although if it's just one squeeze player and one
> AirBridge player then it's fine. Turn a second squeeze player on then it
> goes into meltdown lol. Hope that makes sense. 
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Simon_rb wrote: 
> Just tested above scenario and nothing has changed. Maybe it's an
> AirBridge thing.  
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Unfortunately there is no synchronization possible between SB device and
native AirPlay device, if you control the sync group from and iXXX
device. This is because Shairtunes helper does not feedback the AirPlay
controller with timing information and I guess rebuffering happens
because the controller got confused. The only option to sync AirPlay and
SB is to use my other plugin, AirPlay bridge which turns devices to
synchronizable SB devices. 

I never though about using it like this, but potentially, combined with
ShairTunes2, you could create a group made of true SB and "virtual" SB
(AirPlay) and then use Shairtunes2 to control one of the true SB of the
group and everything should play in sync - it's goofy though :). Note
that you must use one of the true SB device to control the group as
virtual SB will not appear, again, as AirPlay device, for obvious
"infinite loop" reason.

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