Webkemmi wrote: 
> I am just doing tests with 0.36 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials,
> LMS 7.9 with 6 players (Touch, Boom, Radio) and I am really thrilled
> about your plugin!
> Finally a working solution for Windows. :D Thank you very much for your
> brilliant work!
> I experienced a small issue:
> when I stop playing on one of the Touch players, sometimes the player
> disappears from the list of Airplay devices. I have to wait about 20
> seconds and the player is back in the list. When I start playing again
> on this player, it doesn't play. When I click on the play icon in the
> Web UI or on the touch screen of the player it starts playing.
> Nevertheles a fantastic plugin!
> Stefan

I would need a log to see what's happening with the player disapearing -
it should not - got to settings, advanced, logging and set the loglevel
to "info" or "debug". 

When you pause/stop an airplay stream from a SB device, it cannot be
restarted from any SB device. It's because after it has received the
paused/stopped remote request, the AirPlay controller tears down the
connection, so there is "nowhere" to send the resume/play request.

Re the plugin itself, disaster123 has one the real work, I just did the
Windows porting and added a few features, so real credits should go to

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