philippe_44 wrote: 
>  Anybody willing to help me test 0.36.0 on dev repo would be welcome

I am just doing tests with 0.36 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials,
LMS 7.9 with 6 players (Touch, Boom, Radio) and I am really thrilled
about your plugin!
Finally a working solution for Windows. :D Thank you very much for your
brilliant work!

I experienced a small issue:

when I stop playing on one of the Touch players, sometimes the player
disappears from the list of Airplay devices. I have to wait about 20
seconds and the player is back in the list. When I start playing again
on this player, it doesn't play. When I click on the play icon in the
Web UI or on the touch screen of the player it starts playing.

Nevertheles a fantastic plugin!


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