Simon_rb wrote: 
> That's exactly what I do. I have an airplay speaker that I only use as a
> squeezebox player using your AirBridge plugin. I use iPeng to control
> them all. They are usually permanently synced as one giant group. I have
> 5 proper squeezebox players and two created using AirBridge. If I use
> music from LMS I can have all players including the AirBridge player
> within iPeng all synced and playing. However if I'm airplaying from my
> iPhone to LMS using sharertunes I can have all my proper squeezebox
> players playing in sync however as soon as I turn on the AirBridge
> generated player within LMS through iPeng then the system goes into
> meltdown and buffers every second. However if I have just one native
> player and the one AirBridge player then it works fine and in sync.
> However as soon as I turn on a second proper squeezebox player with the
> single AirBridge player then it goes into meltdown.  
> So to recap. I am airplaying to my LMS  using Shairtunes, all my players
> are synced in a group. All the native players play fine and in sync. I
> can have all 5 off them on and it's fine. However as soon as I turn on
> the AirBridge generated squeezebox player which is part of the sync'd
> group it then buffers constantly. If I then turn all my native players
> but leave just the one on with the one AirBridge player then it works
> fine. Any ideas? 
> I hope that makes sense. It's really hard to explain. [emoji106]

I was thinking maybe a BW issue as when you do LMS ==> sync group
(including AirPlay device turned into virtual SB), LMS sends all streams
to players using the native track format you play (flac, mp3) but when
you stream from AirPlay, you add one upstream at 1411kbps (44.1*16*2) +
then LMSl downstreams to all players are 1411kps, including to the
bridge that then re-stream that to the physical AirPlay device. But if
you say that even with 2 real SB and 1 virtual SB it fails, then there
is something else ... complicated

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