On Sunday 06 December 2015 16:44:33 Stuart Henderson wrote:
> Slight problem with the go update, it breaks build of some ports using
> the go module:
> textproc/go-xlsx
> net/go-websocket
> devel/go-check-v1
> devel/go-tools

I obviously did not get to look carefully at r1.2 of go.port.mk - there are a 
number of issues that should be resolved:

- Running 'go install -x' and piping the results through sed and sh -v is 
crazy. Firstly, 'go install -x' will *run* those commands, then they're being 
run a second time around via sh. Not to mention that there are cases where 
replacing GOROOT is wrong. If Go is writing outside of GOPATH then it is 
either being called/used incorrectly, or there is a bug that should be fixed.

- Using -work is going to cause mess since it prints the work directory and 
leaves the work directory behind. I cannot see anything that is cleaning this 
up, so we're left with /tmp/go-build*.

- Using 'go build -a' should be unnecessary - furthermore, the semantics of -a 
have changed between go1.4 and go1.5. In go1.4 the standard library was 
excluded from the -a flag whereas for go1.5 it does mean all dependencies 
including the standard library (this was the same for go1.3). However, there 
is a blanket 'do not rebuild standard library packages' in place when the -a 
flag is not specified.

This brings me to the next issue/topic - installing additional packages under 
/usr/local/go is probably a bad idea. The biggest issue is that Go treats 
packages under that path as being 'standard library' and as such, they do not 
get rebuilt unless the -a flag is used. The Go development model is that you 
fetch additional packages into your workspace - obviously this does not work 
that well for prepackaged/compiled code. There are likely two options - we 
could install packages in a separate location (e.g. /usr/local/go-pkg) and 
then when code is built it is added to GOPATH. Alternatively, the code is 
fetched and built when the binary is built (for example, when building 
net/websocketd, net/go-websocket is pulled in and compiled at the same time.
I don't have a strong preference, however polluting /usr/local/go is not going 
to work well unless we use -a, which will now attempt to rebuild all standard 
library code and fail.

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