On Monday 07 December 2015 14:18:52 Kent R. Spillner wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 08, 2015 at 02:29:03AM +1100, Joel Sing wrote:
> > This brings me to the next issue/topic - installing additional packages
> > under /usr/local/go is probably a bad idea.
> My recollection is that the other issues you mentioned were necessary in
> order to make this work.  So if everyone agrees to a fix for this then I
> believe the others just go away.
> > There are likely two options - we could install packages in a separate
> > location (e.g. /usr/local/go-pkg) and then when code is built it is added
> > to GOPATH. Alternatively, the code is fetched and built when the binary
> > is built
> I think option #1 (install packages in a separate location and then add it
> to GOPATH) is our only choice because ports shouldn't fetch anything during
> builds.

I was moreso thinking along the lines of using 'go get -d' to fetch the 
sources, then you can build as per normal. Obviously that means building all 
dependencies for each OpenBSD package build (which has both pros and cons).

> Is it possible to just add /usr/local/go-pkg to GOPATH and then
> have Go automatically pick up anything installed correctly under that
> directory? Or would we add each dependency installed under
> /usr/local/go-pkg to GOPATH separately?  Alternatively, we could just roll
> & host our own distfiles that include all of the dependencies.  I thought
> about doing that for
> net/websocketd, but ultimately decided it would be ok to install a library
> from the golang.org/x/net package in /usr/local/go.  Sorry!  :)

Using /usr/local/go-pkg would be no different to using a GOPATH and local 
workspace - you can install multiple packages into that location and they will 
be picked up during a go build/install. If this is they preferred option then 
I'll draft some diffs.

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