Stan Hoeppner put forth on 1/22/2010 1:28 AM:
> I've wondered for a couple of months why my rbl check is being skipped.  I've
> not seen a spamhaus entry in my logs since Sept 25 '09.  Interestingly, 
> postgrey
> is being called now and then, and it is after the rbl check in  Any
> idea why my rbl check is being skipped?  What have I screwed up to cause this?

Bad form replying to my own post but...

After a hint from Ralf, I started digging around and here is what I found:

1.  Spamhaus has banned Google Public DNS resolver queries.  I didn't know this
until today.  If Postfix is using Google Public DNS resolvers, rbl queries to fail but Postfix (Debian Lenny 2.5.5-1.1) logs NOTHING about
it.  Not the query attempt, not the failure, zilch, nut'n.  This explains why I
haven't seen any zen entries in my log since Sept 25 last year, apparently the
day I switched to Google DNS resolvers.  A total lack of log entries makes
troubleshooting anything very difficult.  Thanks to Ralf's off list suggestion,
I was able to start troubleshooting down the correct path.

2.  For other dns resolvers that Spamhaus doesn't like, such as a few under the
CenturyLink umbrella (former Embarq/Sprint resolvers) an error is logged, such 

Jan 22 05:27:53 greer postfix/smtpd[19251]: warning: RBL lookup error: Host or domain name not found.
Name service error for type=A: Host not
found, try again

3.  Sometime between my switch to the Google resolvers and today, Spamhaus
decided to ban my previous Embarq resolvers.  So, when I switched back to the
old ones, I got errors like that above, and my zen queries still failed.  I dug
around through some very old paperwork and found a set of old Sprint resolvers
in Kansas City I'd never actually used which aren't banned by Spamhaus.  Turns
out this is probably a good thing since the resolvers I found that work are also
closest physically and electrically, the primary being 4 hops and 35ms away, the
secondary 7 hops and 40ms away.

I'm glad I got this solved.  I really wish that when I was using the Google
resolvers that Postfix would have been logging some kind of errors.  If it had,
I'd have known I had a real problem much sooner.  The total lack of log entries
for ~3 months is what finally jolted me to look into this.  This is a sad state
of affairs.  So the question at this point is, why didn't Postfix log any errors
when NXDOMAIN domain was returned, but did log errors when SERVFAIL is returned?


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