Mikael Bak put forth on 1/22/2010 7:50 AM:
> Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> 1.  Spamhaus has banned Google Public DNS resolver queries.
> Stan,
> Do you have a good enough reason to not run your own name resolver on
> your front MX machine?
> IMO relying on third parties for DNS on an MX is bad design.

Due to this fiasco I'm already looking into it.  I'd never really considered it
an issue until now since it's such a light duty box.  Not sure if I have enough
memory on the box right now to run a caching resolver.  I may need to grab a
stick or two.  It wouldn't be an issue except for the fact I recently added a
bunch of daemons to this box so I could decommission a _really old_ machine
(dual P166) that housed the mail store and file shares.  That increased the
memory footprint quite a bit.

Suggestions for a lightweight local resolver daemon on Debian Lenny are welcome.
 I've never actually used bind before and I've never been a dns admin.  I have a
vague hazy memory of reading grumblings that bind may be a bit too "heavy" for
using as a local machine resolver.


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