Kenneth Marshall put forth on 1/22/2010 8:39 AM:

> pdns-recursor is easy to configure/use and has a tuneable
> resource footprint.

Got her installed, configured, up and running.  Let's see if this improves this
spamhaus situation, and a handful a day  of other dns related errors I've been
getting during mail transactions.  Those other errors may be normal, maybe not.
 This resolver should help me figure that out.

I limited the cache to 65536 entries to start with to keep the ram footprint
low.  That should be plenty for mail, maybe enough to serve my workstation as
well.  With it nearly empty at this point pdns_recursor is only occupying 1628
Bytes RES and 4016 VIRT.  So far so good in the low resource consumption

Thanks for the suggestion Ken.


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