Noel Jones put forth on 1/22/2010 10:00 AM:

> Nothing is logged because the DNS server gives an authoritive "does not
> exist" answer.  That's not an error, it is the expected response when a
> client is not listed in an RBL.

Hi Noel,

I was not venting at Postfix, or Wietse, or any of the devs for that matter, as
much as I was venting at the situation.  Vietse, Victor, my apologies if it
seemed I was venting at you.  I was not.

My venting should be aimed at Spamhaus.  What they've done here is the opposite
of transparency.  In the case of Google DNS, Spamhaus has pulled something a bit
underhanded in my estimation.  They don't want people using Google DNS to query
Spamhaus zones.  That's fine.  I have no problem with that.  But the way in
which they have blocked access creates a silent discard on mail servers using
Google DNS, or at least Postfix (I can't speak for other MTAs in this regard).

What they should have done is reply with a code that actually generates a
visible log error, so an admin, such as myself, can actually see that something
is wrong.  Instead, all I got from my logs was silence.  Multiple months of that
deafening silence finally prompted my action as I knew there had to be something
wrong.  My A/S special sauce is good, but it's not so darn good that I wouldn't
at least get one zen lookup in a few months.  Thankfully it's good enough that
even without any dnsbls I've only been averaging about 1 spam/day in the inbox.
 Getting zen lookups working again may not help much, but at least I'll get one
more shot at killing the junk before letting it through.

Anyway, I've got my own resolver up now on my Postfix MX.  It appears to be 

greer:/# host      A      A      A


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