Prompted by various discussions elsewhere, I am on the search for recent
experimental results and/or people doing or about to do experiments.
The questions all relate to the models of parallel software:
shared-memory multithreading, Actor Model, Dataflow Model, Communicating
Sequential Processes (CSP), data parallelism.

Question 1 is:  is synchronous message passing easier for programmers to
work with than asynchronous message passing.

Question 2 is:  are the case classes of Actor Model easier for
programmers to work with than the select statement of Dataflow Model and

There are more but those are the two "biggies".

There is a lot of people who know precious little about psychology using
advocacy research out there building up various "known facts" about what
is and is not better from a cognitive perspective.  Some of them base
this on observed anecdotal evidence which gives it some legitimacy, some
of them are peddling their own beliefs.

So real experimental evidence from people who know what they are doing
would be most welcome.

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