CHM is fine as I can click on it and open outside VFP no problem.

Ted, permissions have been set correctly and it is windows 10 with latest 
updates. I addressed the problem of not being able to access chm files directly 
some time ago.

I first noticed it last week and it had been working fine up until then but I 
have no idea what changed apart from a massive M$ update last Wednesday.

I may well simply re-install VFP again and see what happens.


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Subject: Re: VFP Help File Problem

Hi Dave,

Perhaps the CHM has become corrupt.  Do you have a backup copy to try or maybe 
install VFP9 on a VM and nick the CHM off it.

Peter Cushing
IT Department

On 01/12/2016 14:21, Dave Crozier wrote:
> In the VFP Global options, the help file is pointing to the correct place and 
> file:
> c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual foxpro 9\dv_foxhelp.chm
> Dave
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> From: ProFox [] On Behalf Of Dave Crozier
> Sent: 01 December 2016 14:18
> To: ProFox Email List <>
> Subject: VFP Help File Problem
> For some reason my VFP Help file will not load. When you select help it goes 
> into the "indexing for the first time" and never returns, requiring task 
> manager to stop the process.
> Loading up the help chm by clicking on it does the same thing but immediately 
> finishes the index and loads fine.
> I have tried updating the help with the newer SP2 help file to no avail as it 
> still does the same.
> Any ideas?
> Dave
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