Likely running enterprise-class package management, with controlled
releases, though, I would hope.

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 5:02 PM, Stephen Russell <> wrote:
> The entire IT dept. is on win10 for 3 months now.  No problems with updates
> and we get them all the time.  Have two home laptops that have fared well
> also.  Dell at work, Acer and HP at home.

Yep, four other machines here, server, workstation, desktop and
tablet-thingie, and all the others (HP, Dell, Dell, Asus,
respectively) updated without a hitch. Something with the
Workstation-dual-graphics, Office 2013, software installed, Creator's
Update, mumble, mumble... Outside of enterprise control, there are no
two Windows machines that are identical. Different hardware, history,
software, upgrades...

Ted Roche
Ted Roche & Associates, LLC

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