And as a double-bonus, if you had any updates hidden, say because they
corrupted your machine, the cumulative update un-hid them so they get
applied and, *boom*.

How can you not love the company that does this?

<Tweety Bird>I DO! I DO love them!</Tweety Bird>

We STILL do not have any Windows 10 machines (and I have ten never-used Win 7 boxes still in inventory for future expansion) for this reason.

But see, I think that the Windows 10 forced update "feature" is actually a design bug that has caused Microsoft to achieve only 50% of its projected adoption rate for this OS (even though they gave away most of those adoptions for free and deliberately tricked and defrauded a lot of people into the "adoption"). Eventually somebody over there is going to wake up and realize this fact, and fix it. They keep inching toward it with some little change every few months. So when they finally return to full user-control of updates, then I will be able to avail myself of what is otherwise, according to many reports, a pretty good operating system.


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