On Wed, 27 Apr 2011, Stefan Monnier wrote:

default. There is no real fix, because cvs log cannot generate
all information that belongs to a particular branch. Even Debian

Actually, there is a real fix: convert the CVS repository to some other
(saner?)  format like Bazaar or Git, and then use those tools to get the
change log for whichever branch you're interested in.

Maybe it is time again to advertize this (approximative) Mercurial mirror
of the PG repository:


When I did these CVS -> Mercurial conversions for the first time some years ago (for Isabelle) I've also discussed with David the possibility to convert the PG CVS to some sane format, as you say. There were some reasons not to do it on the spot, like complications due to CVS "branches" which never really worked IIRC.

Anyway, what happened with the PG retirement plans from 2008? If PG is still active it might be worth to leave the stone age of version control behind (i.e. CVS *and* SVN).

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