after creating the ProofTreeBranch the generated ChangeLog (make
ChangeLog) contains the commit messages from the trunk and the
branch, which is a bit confusing. The problem is that rcs2log
relies on cvs log, which outputs all available information by
default. There is no real fix, because cvs log cannot generate
all information that belongs to a particular branch. Even Debian
gave up on the problem, see

There are the following partial fixes. 

If you want a ChangeLog containing only the messages for the main
trunk then you can include the options ``-r -b'' in the rcs2log
call in Makefile.devel. 

For the ProofTreeBranch including the options 
``-r -rProofTreeBranch'' generates a ChangeLog with _just_ the
commits to ProofTreeBranch. If you also want to see the messages
from the main trunk before the branch point of ProofTreeBranch,
you have to append them manually. To do this, generate the
ChangeLog for the main trunk and copy everything starting with
the entry ``2011-04-15  Hendrik Tews''.

Alternatively you can use the rcs2log option ``-v''. This
generates a ChangeLog containing commit messages from all
branches, but includes cvs revision numbers.


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