Hi David,

Le vendredi 18 septembre 2015 à 10:54 +0100, David Aspinall a écrit :
> Hi Pierre/all,
> Sorry for delay replying, I was away then returned but now very busy
> with start of term...
> Have made a new Admin team now with you and Clément as members.
> BTW, a mapping of names->emails is in the Makefile somewhere, although
> it may be incomplete  (try "make ChangeLog").
> If we're going to switch to Github properly I'd like to switch off the
> cvs server and then update the webpages, would you be able to help with
> the web page updates too?  There is another repo that I can add to GitHub.

If you are thinking of adding a GitHub repo dedicated to the webpages
sources, maybe it would be convenient to host the webpages themselves
at GitHub too? Because according to https://pages.github.com/ and
https://help.github.com/categories/github-pages-basics/ it would
suffice to name this extra repo "proofgeneral.github.io" ...
What is your opinion?

Kind regards,


Erik Martin-Dorel
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