On Tuesday 29 Mar 2011 16:48, Rob Arthan wrote:

> It works fine for me. What goes wrong?

The failing occurrences are either in index brackets or in 
theory listings (probably also in index brackets).

The actual error message is:

! Undefined control sequence.
\not #1->\let \@@not 
                     =\not \let \@@n =\n \let \not =\relax 
\let \n =\relax \...
l.849 ...M{} \$\PrNL{}\PrIO{}\PrIJ{m}\PrIJ{p}\PrNN
                                                  {}: S 
\PrKN{} S \PrKN{} PR...

Unfortunately I don't know how to read these things and 
hence don't know exactly what it is complaining about,
but the odds are it is the double at signs.

Also I should say that I am using hyperref and makeindex 
rather than the standard indexing arrangements, which I 
would be inclined to blame if the failure was in the index, 
but I don't see how it (makeindex) affects these occurrences.



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