I had put this on my list of things to fix by changing \not\in in the style 
file to \notin, but I get exactly the opposite problem: \not\in work but \notin 
fails. Are you still having this problem? I am suspecting that you are using a 
style file that redefines both \not and \notin to something different from what 
LaTeX gives you out of the box. Note that \notin is not in the standard list of 
mathematical symbols in the LaTeX User's Guide.



On 31 Mar 2011, at 14:26, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

> On Tuesday 29 Mar 2011 16:48, Rob Arthan wrote:
>> It works fine for me. What goes wrong?
> The failing occurrences are either in index brackets or in 
> theory listings (probably also in index brackets).
> The actual error message is:
> ! Undefined control sequence.
> \not #1->\let \@@not 
>                     =\not \let \@@n =\n \let \not =\relax 
> \let \n =\relax \...
> l.849 ...M{} \$\PrNL{}\PrIO{}\PrIJ{m}\PrIJ{p}\PrNN
>                                                  {}: S 
> \PrKN{} S \PrKN{} PR...
> Unfortunately I don't know how to read these things and 
> hence don't know exactly what it is complaining about,
> but the odds are it is the double at signs.
> Also I should say that I am using hyperref and makeindex 
> rather than the standard indexing arrangements, which I 
> would be inclined to blame if the failure was in the index, 
> but I don't see how it (makeindex) affects these occurrences.
> Roger
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