On 01/08/12 22:43, Jon Lockhart wrote:
I forgot to grab the devel rpm when I was on the download site. I had
olbly grabbed the OpenMotif rpm. That did the trick on the configuration

devel packages are easily overlooked! Usually, when you have source code with a build dependency on X, you need X's devel package.

Now I am running into the issue on the install. I have attached the
build log for your convienece. The install is failing b/c the file
Print.h is not available in the X11 folder, and I have tried
reinstalling with yum several times. Is there another package from yum
that I have possibly missed downloading?

The missing file is


On my machine, the command

  rpm -q --whatprovides /usr/include/X11/extensions/Print.h

indicates that the package libXp-devel provides this file. This should have been installed by the yum command I quoted previously, which included libXp-devel. Can you double check that you entered the command exactly, omitting only the line containing polyml? (I checked the fc17 package, and it does appear to provide this file.)

I just want to take the time now to thank you and Rob for all the help
you been providing me on getting PP up and running. It has been a long
time since I used a Linux system, and having to relearn all this
material I go is frustrating, along with trying to get a tool installed
that I really want to try and use with my formal specification writing.
I appreciate everything I have been provided.

Glad to help. With Linux distributions these days, package management support takes most of the pain out of fetching/installing prerequisites. But you still need to know which packages to install...

It's a pity that 90% of the installation effort is just to get Xpp working. I'm working on a GTK-based replacement to Xpp but it's not quite ready yet.



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