On 12/09/12 21:05, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
I'm having bad luck lately getting suitable environments for
running ProofPower.

My laptop is on Ubuntu 10.4, and that is fine for ProofPower,
but is now so out of date that I can't upgrade it, I would
have to install a more recent version of Ubuntu from

So I revived an old server to try out a more up-to-date
context for running ProofPower.
(my efforts in the amazon cloud ran into the buffers some time

So far I'm not having much success on Ubuntu 12.04 (the
PolyML build doesn't seem to work for me).

What error message do you get? I ask because David Matthews is about to release 5.5 so it would be worth resolving any issue there.

I'm interested to know what people are actually running
ProofPower on these days?

I'm using Fedora 16. Generally I've had no issue installing on the Fedora series of Linux provided that all the prerequisite packages are installed - achieved with the following yum/rpm commands:

yum install \
  gcc-c++ \
  polyml \
  texlive-latex \
  libXp-devel \
  libXext-devel \
  libXmu-devel \
  libXt-devel \

rpm -ivh \

http://motif.ics.com/sites/default/files/openmotif-2.3.3-1.fc12.x86_64.rpm \


The key bindings 'just work' with AltGr and Left Window as the modifiers.

However, many new distributions use Gnome 3 which causes screen redraw problems for Xpp (and Motif applications generally). One simple work-around for Gnome 3 is to run in 'fallback mode' which avoids hardware acceleration. That's what I do. (There appear to be various discussions out there about this issue so it may be resolved now.)


P.S. Also, I have an issue when using X in Depth30 mode, i.e. 10 bits per colour. Unless Xpp is run as root, it fails to start. Probably not an Xpp-specific issue. I haven't bothered reporting that yet. For now I just use Depth24, which is what most people without fancy displays are using.

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