Yes I had noticed that the message that Phil replied too had not gone to
the list yet. I hit the reply all button in my message chain and it
selected several people that i had been replying to previously and the
list. I received an email in return saying it had to be reviewed by the
moderator, which I assume is Rob, before it could be released since the
attachment sizes were over the limit.

As soon as it gets approved it should be released to the list.


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 3:59 AM, Roger Bishop Jones <> wrote:

> Jon,
> On Wednesday 12 Sep 2012 21:09, you wrote:
> > I am running ProofPower on Debian. More specifically
> > Wheezy, which is the testing version of Debian. I have
> > not run into any problems yet.
> Thanks jon, I will probably give Debian a try (depending on
> what anyone else says).
> I have a netinstall disc for the latest stable version ready
> to go.
> BTW, were you aware that the post which Phil responded to
> never went to the list?
> Also, as far as the ProofPower releases go, there isn't
> really a distinction between stable and others.
> The version which fixes your problem is probably just the
> incorporation of a patch and will be as stable as the one
> you are using (though the "maths_egs" package is changed
> more substantially, but still quite stable).
> This is more like getting a security update for a stable
> release of Linux (though I suppose it should be called a
> "testing" version).
> I didn't get any problems running all my work (apart from
> the maths_egs issues) through it, though I don't actually
> use Z these days.
> Roger
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