On Thursday 13 Sep 2012 19:37, Phil Clayton wrote:
> On 12/09/12 21:05, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

> > So far I'm not having much success on Ubuntu 12.04 (the
> > PolyML build doesn't seem to work for me).
> What error message do you get?  I ask because David
> Matthews is about to release 5.5 so it would be worth
> resolving any issue there.

The build seemed to have gone through OK, though I couldn't 
actually find any instructions so who knows whether I did the 
right thing!

I ran ./configure a few times, installing whatever it 
complained of the absence of, and the ran make.

When I invoked poly it complained that it couldn't find some 

Unfortunately I am now building Debian so Ubuntu 12.04 is 
history and I can't check exactly what the complaint was.

> > I'm interested to know what people are actually running
> > ProofPower on these days?
> I'm using Fedora 16.  Generally I've had no issue
> installing on the Fedora series of Linux provided that
> all the prerequisite packages are installed - achieved
> with the following yum/rpm commands:

Thanks for the info about Fedora 16 I will give that a go if 
I don't get on with Debian. (which was suggested by jon).


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