On Feb 11, 2013, at 4:55 PM, khan khan <> wrote:

> no i have not installed proofpower in $ is installed inside 
> openproofpower-2.9.1w2…

I was using $PPHOME as a symbolic name for the directory name of the ProofPower 
installation directory (chosen by you or by the configure script when you ran 
the configure script).  What output did you get when you ran the configure 

> their is still a folder by name pp but its app-defaults folder is empty... 
> and i have tried this command it says "no printer found, aborting" ...please 
> help me …

It sounds like you are picking up another program called "xpp" that is used to 
configure printers on some Linux distributions. 



> thank you
> sarah
> --- On Mon, 11/2/13, Rob Arthan <> wrote:
> From: Rob Arthan <>
> Subject: Re: [ProofPower] activating templates
> To: "khan khan" <>
> Cc:
> Received: Monday, 11 February, 2013, 7:29 AM
> Sarah,
> On Feb 11, 2013, at 9:12 AM, khan khan <> wrote:
>> Hi 
>> i have a problem in activating templates in the tools menu PPXpp-2.9.1w2 
>> that i have installed it...the templates in the tools menu is not 
>> active...could you please tell me that how to activate to customize 
>> xpp resource file (application defaults file) ??? 
>> The example resource file uses #include directives to include two 
>> files XppKeyboard and XppTemplates in my case it is XppZTemplates which 
>> define the keyboard layoiut and the behaviour of the Templates Tool. 
>> XppKeyboard and XppTemplates are set up as symbolic links to other resource 
>> files in the same directory. 
>> now the problem is that i do not understand that how to include XppKeyboard 
>> and XppZTemplates in the resource file for xpp so that the templates get 
>> activated??? 
> You shouldn't need to do anything special. The files in the directory 
> $PPHOME/app-defaults should work as they are  (where $PPHOME stands for the 
> directory where you have installed ProofPower). You may be failing to pick up 
> the Xpp resource file at all. Try running xpp with the following command line 
> and let us know what it tells you:
>       PPENVDEBUG=y xpp
> Regards,
> Rob.

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