On Feb 12, 2013, at 7:00 AM, khan khan <> wrote:

> yes but the templates are greyed out...templates are not active ??? so what 
> should i do???
> how should i customized"" Application Defaults file for xpp"...  in " 
> Application Defaults file for xpp" thier is written that  Include templates 
> tool set-up: #include "XppTemplates" how should i include it please let 
> me know...

I need you to help me to solve your problem. It isn't helpful just to repeat 
the original question.

You said this in an earlier message:

> > ... i have tried this command it says "no printer found, aborting" 
> > ...please help me …

As I said in an earlier e-mail there is another program on some Linux systems 
called xpp. The xpp program in ProofPower would not output a message about 

Please run the following command line:

PPENVDEBUG=y /home/sarah/xpp

and let us know (via the mailing list) what you see.



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