Thanks Roger, In case you wish to see the problem more exactly attached is
the doc file and the ffslides.cls  (which you could also get at CTAN).  It
seems that for SML, the spaces are all removed!  I will look into GFT to
see how spaces are inserted. One issue might be if verbatim environment is
used?  -Dave

On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 8:35 AM, Roger Bishop Jones <> wrote:

> David,
> Doctex doesn't chose a font, it just generates LaTeX commands for the
> formal text and any font changing is up to the rest of the document (that
> you provide in the =TEX sections of the .doc file).
> It does generate tex for the HOL and ZED paragraphs which is intended to
> force the layout in the printed version to follow the layout in the source,
> which tex would not normally do, so I guess the ffslides package is
> interfering with the way that works.
> The formal text is translated into tex using an environment GFT which is
> defined in ProofPower.sty, but its beyond my tex expertise to understand
> how it works or why ffslides is interfering.
> It is possible to get slides made with ProofPower formal text in them, the
> tutorial slides in the ProofPower distribution are examples of how this can
> be done, though the method used for them is probably rather ancient by now.
> Roger
> On 04/10/2016 20:14, David Topham wrote:
> I am exploring a not often used but nice Latex package named ffslides. It
> has several advantages in exact control of where things are placed on the
> page using postscript (actually pstricks) behind the scenes.  But, one
> problem is that the SML in my doc file is getting scrunched together like
> this:
> *funsubset([],[])=true*
> Is there a way for me to choose a different font when doctex extracts the
> SML?
> Maybe I could find an alternative that would not squash?
> -Dave
> ,
> [])=
> true
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