Le 21/05/2014 10:32, Luis G.F a écrit :
> Personally i don't like exclusion lists like that, even if the service
> are hosted by google. The manifesto says that all servers must switch to
> full encryption in order to work correctly with the rest of network, if
> google servers don't do, they will be isolated but.. is his problem not
> ours.
Not really. A lot of users are using Google services, including GTalk
(even if they don't know the name of this service). The problem for us
is that we cannot afford ignoring what Google is doing, because we
cannot force these users to use another XMPP service.
For example, right now, since Google broke its s2s, I cannot speak with
anyone unless they talk to me first. This is annoying. But I have to
deal with it…


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