On 5/22/14, 7:38 AM, Hugo Osvaldo Barrera wrote:
On 2014-05-21 20:57, Luis G.F wrote:
Is your decission, but in my modestly opinion, allow unencrypted
gmail.com connections is dangerous for the jabber network. If you allow
this with gmail.com, sooner or later you will allow too facebook.com or
any other, you will always be a slave from others. Is better for your
users, teach thems to use other jabber service.

The problem is:
a) They no longer care about federation and are slowly breaking it. If
we isolate from gtalk, they won't care and they won't fix it.

b) The majority of my contacts use google's xmpp. This is probably
true for almost everyone else out there, since their userbase is simply
colosal. We can't just stop talking to that many users.

Actually, many of us already have. :-)

It's sad that Google apparently doesn't care enough about user privacy to implement server-to-server encryption, which has been part of the XMPP standard since 2004.


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