I tried Jappix mini, but it doesn't fit my requirement.

1. If I assign a permanent MCU to the anonymous visitor, all anonymous 
visitors will share the same communication contents. There is privacy 
problem. Of course, if it is possible for guests to post but not to read, 
this solution can work but I cannot find such a setting.
2. If I dynamically create a temporary MCU to the anonymous visitor, the 
communication is private, but how can staff know he should join this MCU. 
For as I know ( wish I am wrong), an anonymous XMPP user cannot initiate a 
chat with others.

I guess I have to do some server side coding, which is the reason I post 
the question here.


On Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 10:05:19 PM UTC+8, Adrien Clerc wrote:
> Le 16/12/2015 02:36, Ying LEE a écrit : 
> > When a guest visits a website, he may wants to ask help. This 
> > application is usually called live help. Actually there are a lot of 
> > solutions based on database already, such 
> > as https://livehelperchat.com/. And such a kind of application can 
> > forward the message to and from XMPP client so that the guest can chat 
> > with some staff, who is using XMPP client. 
> > 
> > I am wondering whether there is a pure XMPP solution. In other words, 
> > the guest uses anonymous account of XMPP and then chat with someone. 
> > 
> Hi, 
> This is really a simple answer to your question, but have a look at 
> https://mini.jappix.com/ 
> Personnally, I'm using jappix with a MUC and anonymous so people can 
> contact me with a simple web browser. But I have to be logged in to my 
> XMPP account. 
> Jappix mini might be a better solution for your use case. 
> Adrien 

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