On Sun, 04 Feb 2001 11:57:52 -0500, aj wrote:

>It seems that when such  modifiers are added, the second "esc"
> (that which cancels the command entirely) is either removed or
> automagically generated "for me". My understanding, as gleaned
> from the Help file (Sch:placewire), is that the first "ESC" should
> stop the process, and the second should cancel it.

I seem to have missed previous posts on this so I am guessing at the

When placing wires one ESC does end the current wire but you are still in
placewire mode and a second ESC will end it. 

One thing to be aware of if you are trying to 'ESC' with the right mouse
button then 'ESC' is a click not a press. You must give the right mouse
button a very brief tap to stay in place wire mode. 

The speed with which you must press and release the button appears to be
related to the double click speed setting in the system mouse control panel
- if double click is set fast it is almost impossible to generate a mouse
button click rather than press. 

If Protel has documented its unique (in my experience) mouse operation I
never found it. Protel would be more usable if the time threshold
differentiating between click and press were configurable.

I have double click assigned to a mouse button so have the double click
time set very fast which means when I need to click something twice (often
used in Protel) I don't have to deliberately wait to avoid it being
considered a doubleclick, sadly it also means in Protel I often generate
mouse presses when I meant to click (especially with the right button -
that finger is slower and no other application working like Protel means I
have little practice). 

Cheers, Terry.

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