> > Does anyone know whether or not Protel can find
> > entities in a PCB design that are extraneous and
> > should be removed [like hangers of etch from removed
> > components, unnecessary vias, etc.]? I would think
> > that setting up the design rules a specific way may
> > accomplish this, but it isn't indicated in any
> > documentation I can put a finger on so far. I
> > welcome
> > any suggestions and look forward to everyone's
> > responses in this matter. Take it easy and thanks in
> > advance for your feedback.
> > Kerry Murphy
> So, am I to understand that by not getting any replies
> to this posting that there are no methods available
> for setting up Protel DRC to check for items detailed
> above or is there some other reason for not replying
> to this posting that I'm not aware of?
> Maybe I haven't taken part in some sort of initiation
> to become part of the elite few members or something.
> This is the first email forum for a CAD tool that
> hasn't been very helpful, and I'm surprised to find it
> so cold out here. In subscribing to several other CAD
> mailing lists I've had nothing but great feedback and
> this is a very big disappointment.
> Kerry Murphy

I am sorry that you feel the way you do. However, this is not a mailing list
in which you will be ignored/flamed unless/until you have been
initiated/established your credentials/etc. From time to time, questions in
postings do not get answered, and in that regard, it was unfortunate that
this happened to your first posting to this forum.

I think that the short answer is that Protel does have the capability to
support what you are looking for.

A longer answer is that the DRC procedures are focused towards ratifying
that the design of the PCB is not incorrect, in that connections between
different nets are checked for, as are incompletely connected nets. What you
are looking for is of a somewhat refined nature in comparison, and it could
be useful, in that regard, to think of Protel as being a tool, while you, as
the designer, are the tool's user. As such, it is your responsibility to
check things which Protel does not (can not) check itself.

If you have experience with other CAD applications which do have the
capability to check for instances of what you would like to have checked,
then I, and strongly suspect other members of this forum, would be
interested in details. And because we have good reason to believe that many
members of Protel's staff are members of this forum, than the outcome of
describing such features here could be seeing them incorporated in future
versions of Protel (if not in Service Packs, then in succeeding major
version releases). (There is nothing sinister about that of course. When one
supplier of a product or service introduces a new feature, it is very common
for the competition to then strive to provide that as well.)

Geoff Harland.
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