> At 01:47 PM 2/13/01 -0800, Forum Administrator wrote:
> >There are many alternatives to attaching a file to a discussion group
> >post, but if you feel you really must, at least be considerate of your
> >fellow subscribers and keep attachments under 50K and ALWAYS
> >compress (zip) the file.
> Let me put it this way. If that file had gone through, it would have tied
> up my phone line for a few minutes. Not nice. Even small attachments
> clutter up my disk. Please, I don't want to receive *any* uninvited
> attachments.
> Abdulrahman Lomax

There is an alternative option available to adding attachments to posts to
this forum. Users can sign up with Yahoo mailing lists and then become a
member of the "protel-users" mailing list hosted there; that mailing list is
in fact the backup list for this mailing list (for use when this mailing
list is not functional for whatever reason, and someone urgently needs an
answer to some query). Like all mailing lists hosted by Yahoo, this mailing
list has 20MB of capacity available for members to upload files to. So if
someone wants users to look at some file for some reason, this should be
uploaded to the appropriate location (URL:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/protel-users/files , but you will need to
"sign in" before you can upload any files), and a post then made to this
forum in which users are provided with details of what problem they are
encountering, and an URL provided (in the same post) so that each user can
then download the file concerned in the event that he or she is so
interested in doing so (and *only* if they are so interested).

That way, files are not forced upon other members of the forum (in the form
of attachments), and ultimately, that is the considerate thing to do in the

To avoid generating traffic on the "protel-users" Yahoo mailing list while
this mailing list is functional, anyone uploading files to Yahoo should
*de*-select the option of generating an automated email message (notifying
the availability of the file for downloading). And although only a fraction
of the total 20MB available is currently used by files that are available
for downloading, it is also considerate to subsequently delete the file
(from where you uploaded it to) when the time comes that its continued
provision serves no purpose. (That could occur if you wanted users to answer
questions about a particular file, and you received answers which
satisfactorily answered the question(s) you had posed. Another example is if
you provide some utility or addon server for general use, and at some later
time update this; at that stage, the earlier version should be removed.)

Geoff Harland.
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