I personally prefer to use the Synchronizer.

A few things to keep in mind.

The two checkboxes on the bottom of the dialog.
One creates a Room definition for each sheet in a project... this is the Red
Hatched box... you may or may not have seen one of these.  This option is on
by default.

If you forget to uncheck that box and a red-hatched 'Room Definition' shows
up on your PCB... it/they can be safely deleted.

The other box will create netclasses for the busses in your project if any
exist... this is good for applying design rules for the entire bus in the
PCB... saves you the time of creating the class yourself.

I turn both of these off every time.

The checkbox Assign Net to Connected Copper will run the Update Free
Primitives from Component Pads process in PCB once the netlist has been
loaded by the Synchronizer.

ALWAYS Preview changes
If you get a Warnings Tab check it... you can also print a report to review
as you go through correcting the problems.

When this all looks good then check the Netlist Macros... if these look ok
you should be good to go.

The component matching dialog is something you will want to look at and
experiment with so that you understand it.  Once you have used it enough you
can glance at this to make sure everything looks normal before proceeding...
it is best to look this over when revisions to the schematic have been done.
Where components may have changed and designators re-used.

I use it more for updates from SCH to PCB... and rarely go the other way.  I
am sure it works just as well(for the macros supported by SCH)  I just try
to do most editing on the schematic first and update to PCB from there.

If you choose to experiment with it... I suggest saving a copy of your PCB
before attempting any updates... it is possible to mess up a board if
everything is not checked over(accidentally use the wrong netlist scope...
and forget to doublecheck it before you execute and some components may
disappear for example)

My final step is to run the Synch from SCH to PCB and see that no changes
are required and the design is synchronized... gives me a bit of a warm

Probably more information than you wanted ;)  but there it is anyway.

The great thing is that the choice is there.  Both are effective... it is
just a matter of preference.

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> I too have been wary of the synchronizer
> the method you describe is what we use, it seems to work fine and is not
> very hard
> Dennis Saputelli
> Greg Olson wrote:
> >
> > It does seem to be light today, but I did see your post, so something is
> > working!
> >
> > I have a sort of procedural question I'd like to throw out to the group.
> > have been using Protel 99 for a couple of years now both for schematic
> > and the subsequent PCB creation. I have always created netlist from the
> > and then gone into the PCB (which I manually place) and load nets. I
> > use this procedure if I make a change later in the SCH. I know about the
> > synchronize SCH and PCB function but have been wary of it, the one time
> > tried it, it seemed to have a mind of its own. Is the way I'm doing it
> > totally inefficient or is this a common practice?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Greg Olson
> > DSX Access Systems, Inc.
> >

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