Dear Gordon Price,

Building schematic components works exactly the same way as every other graphics
program I've ever seen (the same way oil paints work). When you place some new
object on top of some other object, the new object ends up on top, obscuring the
old object. (-: I'm astonished that paint manufacturers still haven't fixed it,
since I'm sure that painters submitted bug reports millenia ago :-).

Fortunately, most graphics programs (including Protel) allow us to change the
"z-order" of parts we've placed, so we can put that new object back behind older
objects, so the old object obscures the new object.

When I draw components in a schematic library, usually I draw all the pins
first. Only then do I know how big to draw the box. As you've seen, that puts
the box on top, obscuring the pin labels. So I choose the menu options "Edit |
Move | Send To Back" and click the box, then right-click the box. All done.

I suppose if the component editor were really smart, it would know to float the
pins to the top of everything else ...

When I hit escape (or right-click -- Protel can't tell the difference) enough to
get out of whatever mode I'm in, then left-click any empty area of the drawing
surface, that deselects the "gray-seletected" item. Hitting "x a" or "e e a"
deselects the "yellow-selected" items. (I think the 2 different kinds of
selections was the strangest concepts when I was trying to learn Protel).

You delete a "gray-selected" item by hitting the delete key. You delete all
"yellow-selected" items with this 2 part sequence: hit control+x, and then
left-click anywhere in the drawing surface. (Don't forget that left-click !
Nothing happens until you do that !).

I don't understand what Ian Wilson is trying to say about "should be Ctrl-X".

Yes, it's annoying to have to hit "v r" so often to get rid of that annoying
video garbage. (I just learned from Duane Foster that the End key does the same
thing. I learn a new shortcut most every day around here ...).
David Cary

Andrew J Jenkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 2001-01-11 commented:
>On 10:39 AM 1/11/01 -0700, Gordon Price said:
>>(4) When building a schematic library component, if you put pins down first
>>before drawing the component body, the pin labels
>>      get placed under the component body rather than on top. It seems to
>>only work correctly if you draw the body first.
>Um, spell it P.r.o.t.e.l...
>>(5) When building a schematic library component, when you click on the body
>>to manipulate it's size and location, it is hard to get the body deselected
>>when you are done. This could be operator error!
>Andrew J Jenkins. NCMR @ NASA-GRC

Ian Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> further claimed:
>On 10:39 AM 11/01/2001 -0700, Gordon Price said:
>>(6) The delete key deletes items only when Jupiter is in alignment with the
>>outer star of the Crab Nebulae on leap years only.
>Works for me - can you be more explicit about how and when it fails - what
>are you doing.  This is not something I have noticed.  Delete will only
>delete items that are click-selected not items that have been selected
>using the Select-Inside etc.  Is this the source of confusion?  To delete
>selected Items you need to use the CUT command (Shift-Delete - should be
>Ctrl-X but you can set up a customisation to achieve this).
>Ian Wilson

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