to nasa andrew,

awesome disclaimer there at the end... not exactly parallel, i realize, but
for some reason it reminds of the movie Catch 22, where one fellow
says, "thats some catch... catch22."  and the other guy says, "yeah,
its the best."     ;-)


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> installed, can I run...)
> On 07:28 AM 2/20/01 -0800, Andrew W. Riley III said:
>       I never saw my post here or at work even though Outlook has it in my
> 'sent' folder.
> Andrew,
> Regrettably, I think that's been the case for many of us. The list server
> (or apparently its host systems)  has been acting quite particular (though
> not apparently selective in any identifiable way) about which messages get
> thru and which don't, to the frustration of many, including myself.
> Frankly, for me, it's gotten so bad that I don't know whether I should
> instigate or respond to most anything anymore, because I am not sure that
> it will get sent to the group, which group members will actually see it,
> or whether anything will actually get resolved as a result of my efforts,
> to my benefit or anyone else's. 
> The thread to which  which you and I are responding is just one example.
> In response to an
> in-preparation-for-specification-of-a-new-computer-system query that Robbi
> Bittler made, regarding independent screen resolution configuration for
> dual-monitors using a single card solution w/in W2k, one respondent said
> authoritatively that it was possible (Matrox G400 dual-pipeline, single
> chipset), and two (myself included) responded that it was essentially not
> possible using most comnbinatorial video solutions. For all intents and
> purposes, the thread was simply dropped, at least from both of my
> locations, as I received no further mail on the subject at either until
> today.
> I mean, what's the point of explaining or detailing some process, asking a
> question, or answering same, only to have it vanish into nether-space? I
> don't know about the rest you, but I need some sort of acknowledgement
> (agreement, disagreement, explanation, counter-query, simple nod,
> flip-o-dee-bird, etc...anything but routine dead silence) so that I can
> confirm that I'm not just speaking to myself and the void. Otherwise,
> what's the point to having these groups? I don't think that it's meant to
> provide a forum for hearing ourselves "speak", or if it is, then it should
> be torn down, as a mirror costs a great deal less, and at least provides
> near real-time response...
> BTW, assuming that you actually see this message, (toss of a coin?), and
> since the thread (Dual-head limitations) was left dangling...What IS the
> outcome, yay or nay? Can one actually change the individual resolutions of
> two monitors driven by a single, dual-pipeline chipset video card within
> Windows 2000, or was it actually incorrect advise to Robbi Bittler, ie,
> are the published limitations accurate? 
> Original participants speak? 
> regards,
> aj
> Andrew J Jenkins. NCMR @ NASA-GRC
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