The idea of having a library full of resistors is to both save some time and
remove an opportunity for error.  The time savings should come from not
having to enter part-specific data when the part is first placed on the
schematic (data like the resistor's value, wattage, and tolerance) and the
opportunity for error is, in my case, the part-by-part addition of company
part numbers to the B.O.M. printout.  If I can pick my resistor from a list
of values and place it on a schematic with a minimum of fuss (like turning
hidden fields on and off), confident that the part number is correct, it's
worth some time up front making repetitive libraries.  Software permitting,
of course.

Mike Crist
Newport Corp.

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The only item I would like changed is the BOM generator. It would be nice if
you could configure it to make the separations between items more than just
part type and footprint. This way you could separate the 1% resistors from
the 5% or COG caps from the Z5R etc. We place the company part number into
part field 1. If you could set the BOM generator to include this in the
report as a decision item, the reporting would be much more accurate and a
separate libraries wouldn't be necessary. I mean, how many different
"resistor"'s do you want to have in a schematic library. They all look the
same to me. Seems redundant to have more than 1 image. IMHO.

Lloyd Good
GE Harris Energy Control Systems Canada Inc.
2728 Hopewell Place NE
Calgary, AB, Canada T1Y 7J7
(403) 214-4777

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