On 01:35 PM 21/02/2001 +1100, Michael Beavis said:
>G'day all
>Does the global edit not work as previous with SP6 or is my brain out to 
>I tried to change the footprint of 4 resistors in Sch and they refuse to 
>First De-select all objects
>Select the 4 resistors with shift click
>Double click one resistor to get Part - Attributes
>Selection - same
>Change scope - Change Matching Items In Current Document
>edit footprint name

Edit footprint name?  I think this is the issue - you need to put the new 
footprint in the relevant Copy Attribute edit box.  Changing the footprint 
edit list does not work.  This is different to PCB where the changes are 
made "in-place".

I had to try it before I recalled that this is what is happening.  It does 
work - but it is different from global edit in PCB. Hey Protel - a little 
consistency would be nice here.

Suggestion: maybe the Copy attribute should be "seeded" with any changes 
made to the main attribute area.  A little like how the Selection and 
Hidden Pins etc check boxes "seed" the matching Copy Attributes.  So if I 
change the footprint and then click Global (or if Global was already 
clicked), the matching Copy Attribute is automatically loaded with the new 
attribute.  Or at least a warning could pop up that there are no changes to 
be made if all the Copy Attributes are "blank".

There is another possible minor improvement.  The footprint entry for a 
part in SCH is a edit list - that is an edit box with an accompanying drop 
list.  It would make sense that the relevant Copy Attribute matched it and 
was also a edit list with the same list entries.  Saves copying from 
footprint drop list.


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