I do a lot of double sided boards with ground planes on both sides, so I do
a lot of stitching - and here is how I do it:

Place a free pad off the board.  Select, copy, paste, copy, paste, etc.
This replicates (doubles each time) the quantities each time until I have
about the number of 'stitches' I will need.

I then edit the properties of one, change the designator to something
unique, set the net assignment, then global to all selected.

I now have a number of free pads with the same designators already assigned
to the ground plane net.  I can now (de-select all) place them at will
without messing up the display with on-line DRC errors that you get when
placing fresh free pads over already-poured planes.

I can then create polygon connect style rule unique to these stitches, by
selecting 'scope kind: pad' and selecting one of the many instances of the
'free-x' to make it direct, relief, with my choice of relief conductor

Now, I don't solder to these stitches, so I have them as direct connect.
Did I see something suggesting this could have thermal stress cracking
problems on FR4?  If so, how does the thermal relief lessen this effect? (no

Also, if I ever do solder to ground plane, it is most useful to have a
high-quality high-powered temperature-controlled soldering iron available
for the job (even if you don't use it most of the time - when you need it,
it can be a lifesaver!)

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